Getting Married in Anguilla

Getting Married is complete!

I am now Mrs. Shellecia Brooks-Johnson. What a great feeling! It has been a crazy ride over the last week but I had so much fun. I want to share what happened on February 16th 2013, my amazing wedding day.

As my twitter status said ‘It was a beautiful day to say ‘I do’ in Anguilla.’ The sky was blue, there was a light breeze and the sun was shining brightly over the Caribbean Sea.  I spent the night before the wedding at La Vue and had this amazing view which enhanced my ‘getting ready’ for the big day experience. As I mentioned previously, I love watching the sea as it relaxes and balances me.

Getting Married in Anguilla - View from La Vue

Getting Married in Anguilla – View from La Vue

 I woke up at 5 am to start the preparations for my wedding day. My sister, Sherise came over to the hotel at 5 am as well to help me get ready. If you know Sherise at all, you will know she is not a morning person, so the fact that she got up, drove to La Vue and was still smiling was very sweet.

Sherise then took me to the hairdresser at 6am and Rachel at Hello Gorgeous worked her magic with my hair and make-up. Hello Gorgeous certainly lived up to its name and I was very happy with the results.

Getting Married in Anguilla - Hair

Getting Married in Anguilla – Hair

Getting Married in Anguilla - Make-up

Getting Married in Anguilla – Make-up

My make-up and hair was done by 7:30 and it was back to the hotel for breakfast which was brought up by my friend Hanna. Then it was time to put on the dress. If you have ever dressed for your wedding, then you know the thrill of putting on the dress.


Getting Married in Anguilla - The Wedding Dress

Getting Married in Anguilla – The Wedding Dress

Sherise helped me into my dress and I just stared at myself in the mirror. I loved the entire look! Vonetta at Bridal Affairs had done a terrific job of making my dress look like it was made just for me.

Getting Married in Anguilla - The Wedding Dress on me

Getting Married in Anguilla – The Wedding Dress

After we were all ready, we headed downstairs where my uncle and aunt were waiting to take me to the church. There were a few people in the lobby and it was so much fun to see how people reacted when they saw a bride. I have done the same thing in the past! Their faces lit up and they said things like “Oh my, it’s a bride! or my favourite ‘What a beautiful bride!’

After some quick photos, we were off to the church with a quick detour to make sure my friend Davina had made it to the church (She did!).

I then pulled up at the church and it hit me that all the people inside were waiting for me. My thoughts centered on the man I was about to marry and huge smile broke out on my face. I wasn’t nervous. I felt at peace. I knew the man I was going to commit my life to and I was confident he would make a great husband.

My photographer was now busy snapping photos of me in the car and then I got out, joined hands with my Father Giver and started my walk down the aisle to Pachelbel Canon in D Wedding song. Cameras and Tablets were flashing everywhere but my focus was on the man at the front of the church who was watching me with love in his eyes.

The ceremony was beautiful and I just felt excited and happy to be marrying Mr. Johnson. Our recessional song was “Walking on Sunshine” and I certainly felt that way.

Then we were off to take our official photographs. I will post a few of these in a few weeks when I get them. My photographer (Derrys Richardson) and I decided on Koal Keel, the Catholic Church and a natural location for the wedding shots. I know all of the shots will be beautiful.

After the photos, we headed to the reception which was at Pedro’s in George Hill. The guests were happy to announce the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks hmmm I mean Mr. and Mrs. Johnson (this joke was made by our Master of Ceremony).


Getting Married in Anguilla - First dance

Getting Married in Anguilla – First dance

I love to smile but I have never smiled as much as I did on my wedding day. The photos were endless, the memorable moments were priceless and the thoughts of happily ever after ensured that this day will always be imprinted forever in our minds, hearts and souls.

Getting Married in Anguilla - Fun with Siblings

Getting Married in Anguilla – Fun with Siblings

Do stay tuned for the official photos from the wedding! Are you getting married in Anguilla? Share with us the highlights of your wedding in Anguilla.

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 Thanks for reading ……signed The Johnsons.